An indoor campus navigation system for users with disabilities


  • Marek Pilski University of Siedlce
  • Dariusz Mikułowski University of Siedlce
  • Grzegorz Terlikowski University of Siedlce



Bluetooth Low Energy, navigation inside the building, users with special needs


While supporting navigation outside buildings is currentlywell solved through GPS-based systems, only a few solutions support indoor navigation and user positioning in large buildings. In this paper, we propose a solution to support such navigation by creating a dedicated hierarchical map of the building and associating it with the infrastructure of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmitters installed in the building. Then a user equipped with a smartphone can easily read the signals of these transmitters and, thanks to the map, can determine their position in space.We use our method in a system that supports navigation and user safety, emphasizing users with special needs, which we are implementing on our academic campus. We describe the idea, architecture, and implementation of this system.


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Pilski, M., Mikułowski, D., & Terlikowski, G. (2023). An indoor campus navigation system for users with disabilities. Studia Informatica. System and Information Technology, 29(2), 81–93.